‘The Writing Project’ is about getting restarted.  It’s about finding the will, drive and strength to pick up the quill.  It’s about looking at what caused the pencil to drop suddenly from my hand all those years ago.  It’s about telling the story of what almost destroyed me.  And didn’t.  It’s about finding the writer that has hidden so deep within all these years that the thought of recovering her atrophied carcass so terrifies me that I have been afraid to unearth her.  For surely the dead are best left buried?

Fortunately for my writer within, my first academic love was archaeology.  I’ll be using the skills I learnt on my field trips to unearth the writer.  And I’ll be drawing on the strength of the magical remnants of my childhood to try and breathe some life into her mummified remains.  If there are any to be found.