explaining my research project

The prospect of explaining my research project excites me just as much now as when I began.

There are two parts to this project.

This first is an exploration of the writing process and the practice of writing.

The second addresses the notion of the popularisation of research.

In the first, I am examining the steps involved in overcoming creative writer’s block resulting from trauma.  The results will have a wider application than being limited to the field of literacy: they will be applicable to those who have experienced the loss of any creative expression, be it artistic or musical, physical or conceptual.  It is this part of the project that will result in a ‘how to’ book, a model for practice, a self-guide book, or the like.

In the second, the dissertation or thesis part of my project, I propose a fictocritical approach to the discussion by writing in a creative, non-fiction genre instead of the traditional genre reserved for academic texts.  This is to make the reading of the text accessible to a wider audience instead of limiting it to a restricted audience of field-specific academics.

I believe that research results should be disseminated in a way that invites commentary from people from all aspects of society, not only those in a position of power.  I also believe that by inviting everyone in society to be involved in, and contribute their thoughts on research and outcomes, the desire for increased literacy will follow.  That is, I believe that when people feel empowered through being included in the future direction of change, they would be willing to enhance their own abilities and promote those of their children, in order to further participate and be further empowered.